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Santiago de Cuba
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The country´s second-oldest city has a flavor all its own thanks to it being the most African city in Cuba and the most musical place in the island nation.

Surrounded by mountains, Santiago de Cuba is enriched by its importance as a hotbed of revolution.

Fidel Castro studied here as a youth and later initiated the Revolucion with an attack on the oncada barracks.

Town explodes with colorful frenzy during Carnavl each July.


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Points of interest:

Parque Cespedes
Museo del Ron
Café La Isabelica
Museo del Carnaval
Balcon de Velazquez
Casa de la Trova
Hotel Casa Granda
Museo Provincial Bacardi Moreau
Plaza de Marte
Plaza Dolores
Calle Heredia
Plaza de la Revolución
Cementerio Santa Ifigenia
Vista Alegre
El Morro
El Cobre
Cabaret Tropicana
Basilica de El Cobre
Parque Cespedes
Parque Nacional Baconao
Jardin de la Gran Piedra
Museo del Transporte Terrestre
Gran Laguna Baconao